Other Useful New Media Resources

Here are some additional websites you can visit regularly to keep up with the latest developments in the world of new media:


Tech President


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An American TV Report on New Media in U.S. Politics

It was great to meet you all in Dubai. I thought you might be interested in this report about political new media that just ran on American TV last night. It looks very similar to what we just discussed this week.

If you see similar reports in your country, please pass them along to me and I will try to post them here, as well.

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SMS Text Services

There are many websites that will allow you to send free SMS text messages to a few supporters.  One can be found here, and many others are listed on Google.

To SMS text many supporters at once, you will have to pay to do that through a service, such as the one featured here.

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How to Test the Strength of Your Passwords

During the training somebody asked how to know if your password is strong enough to prevent unauthorized entry into your new media accounts.

On this website you can check to see just how strong your passwords are.

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New Media in the UK Elections

Here are a couple of interesting articles about the use of new media in the 2010 UK elections, as well as David Cameron’s excellent unscripted, behind-the-scenes video response to the official calling of the election:

Election 2010: The first social media election

Web 2.0: The New Election Superweapon

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The Details of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s Successful New Media Strategy

McDonnell Online Strategy: People Matter.

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Using Facebook Insights

Once you’ve set up a group page on Facebook, you will be able to use Facebook Insights to track the success of your page.  As the video below shows, Insights can be helpful in identifying key demographic groups you might want to target if you decide to buy Facebook ads marketing your group.

There’s more good information about how to use the data available through Facebook Insights here.

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